Jump into Tank Season!

Happy Hump Day, FFF Friends.

I’m writing from a plane on my way to San Jose from Denver, and I’m probably in the most uncomfortable seat ever!!  My butt hurts so bad, from sitting on what feels like concrete, that I finally put my soft laptop cover under my bum for added cushion.  If I wasn’t done with United before, I most definitely am now.  I’ll save that rant for another day.

The airtime and needed distraction from the literal pain in my ass, has given me the time to post a 12-minute Wednesday Workout.

If you are a regular reader of The Fit Frequent Flyer you know I love incorporating shoulder exercises into my 12-minute workouts, or any workout frankly.  I love beautifully sculpted shoulder on women and men, but I think us women tend to neglect them in the gym.  Ladies, it’s tank top season, so let’s get to work on our shoulders!

This 12-minute workout provides the cardio necessary for a quick workout, and the jacks are an added bonus to sculpting great shoulders.  You will need a set of 10-12 lbs. dumbbells.

Repeat the following workout for 12 minutes.  Enjoy!

12-minute Wednesday Workout - Jack it Out

By the way, if you aren’t following the blog yet, please do!  There are big changes and announcements coming in July!

Thanks for visiting.


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