What’s Next?

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘what’s next’ lately.   As we transition from one season to the next I’m also moving in to the next stage in my career.   Friendships are ending while others are forming, and Cam and I are getting ready to move.  A move that will certainly define the next chapter in our life together.

From big life changes to tackling to-do lists, our lives have been nothing short of exciting.  There is a ton of work that goes into selling a house.   Last week we painted several rooms, decluttered, cleaned up the yard, fixed that, tossed those. Each time we finished one chore we were on to the next. It’s been exhausting, but my house has never looked better. Seriously, why didn’t I make all these improvements years ago?

The fun part of what’s next is day dreaming of what has yet to come.  Cam and I spend a lot of time talking and planning for our next house.  Our dream home.  When we got married we moved in to my house and have made it ours, but we are both looking forward to finding our home together.  It’s a special milestone in any relationship.

From personal to professional, I was just recently promoted at work, and until I find my backfill, I’m doing my current job and wondering what the next role entail.  What will my travel schedule be?  Will I be a good manager?  What do I want to do next after this role?  Too soon to think about that?  No.  I never stop planning my life.

The people close to me know what I hope is next for me professionally, and the process of making that dream come true is a constant, “ok, I figured that out, what’s next?”  Or, “Oh, I don’t know how to do that!  I guess that’s next”.  My little side project continues to scare and challenge me every day, but if I continue to work at it, I do believe it will be fabulous.

In all the to-do nexts and day dreaming of what life has in store next, I’m also finding a calm and stillness in the journey. I resolve in the notion to have faith, not fear.

What does all this have to do with travel and fitness?  Nothing and everything, I suppose.  When I was originally thinking about this post, I was suffering from a brutal cold.  My workouts were modified and less than my normal intensity level, but we were so busy around the house that I still felt good about the level of daily activity, also known as NEAT – Non-exercise Activity.

But, I was visiting with a dear friend of mine while in Denver last week.  Like me, she’s active, healthy and feels best when she is in the gym, teaching yoga or riding her bike.  Sadly, she’s been suffering from hamstring tendonitis for over a year and can’t do any of those things.  Even walking too much results in unbearable pain.  She’s tried one treatment after the next, seen one doctor after the next, and talked to one specialist after the next.  Unfortunately, without results.

As we sat at dinner talking about yet another appointment with a doctor who is supposed to be “the best”, I knew I had to at least try to create an exercise plan that would give her some of the exercise endorphins back without causing her pain.  I’m sharing the workouts with all of you because they proved to be exceptionally challenging.  Have you ever tried to hop on one leg for 1 minute?  It’s hard!

Both of these are great at-home or hotel workouts.  All you need is a couple sets of dumbbells and either an aerobic step or literally just a short step to hop on and off.  Exercises done in minute increments are a great way to get your heart rate up and fatigue a muscle group.


Cheers to all of life’s nexts!  It’s a wild, crazy journey, this life of ours.  Embrace each and every moment between one milestone to the next.  The gift is in the present.

Cheers Friends!




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