Obliques! 12 Minute Wednesday Workout

Can you feel Holiday in the air?  I can!  It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and for many of us that means we are getting out of the office early and in holiday mode!  The next several days will be a whirlwind of family, food, festivities, and for some, travel, hosting, and too much family.

Despite the commotion, I’m sure we can find 12 minutes to do something great for our health and our abs!  If we are going to fill our bellies this week, we should  strengthen our obliques too.

The goal is to work up to completing 4 sets of the circuit in 12 minutes, however, form and control is more important than speed.  Watch the position of your feet during the reverse lunge, especially since the rotation is going to challenge your center of balance.  I recommend reviewing the reverse lunge here before starting this workout.  Also, be sure to engage your obliques in the side plank. I do this be consciously squeezing my obliques at the top of each hip raise.  I’d rather you do 3 circuits with great form than rush to complete 4.

12 minute Wednesday Workout Obliques

This is an excellent workout to add after cardio.  It’s quick, builds strength, and a great way to work all the core muscles without having to do a bunch of crunches.

Happy Thanksgiving All!


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