Start burning now!

It’s no secret the most calorie-rich, gluttonous day of the year is upon us.  In fact, I leave tomorrow morning for Phoenix.  I’m so giddy about seeing my mom.  I’m confident that no matter how old I get, I will always want to be home with my mom for the holidays and just be her kid.  Isn’t that the most wonderful feeling as an adult, to still be someone’s kid?

Thanksgiving has, and likely always will be, a day of food anxiety for me.  I’m grateful that I can now partake and be present in the festivities, as apposed to, panicked and sneaking off to be alone with my eating disorder.  Now, I truly feel happy and blessed to be full on food and love at the end of the day.

Still, I spent a little extra time in the gym today.  Partly due to the upcoming holiday and partly due to wine tasting yesterday.  🙂 This week’s workout is intended to boost your metabolism.  It’s 22 minutes of cardio, but the incline drills will make your entire body work for each hill kicking up your metabolic burn.

I’ve given this workout to a couple of people and gotten “It’s good, but it’s hard” from both.  It’s challenging, but doable.  If you need to take walk breaks after the sprints, do so.  Work up to the workout you see below.  If it’s too easy; I challenge you to play with your speeds.

Treadmill Interval Incline Workout

I suggest doing this workout twice next week.  Try for Monday and Wednesday.  I’m confident you will see progress by the second attempt.  Work hard early in the week so that you can relax and enjoy Thanksgiving guilt-free. We all deserve a day off from the guilt trip.

Thank you for reading.  I am grateful for you!


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