Burn Legs Burn!

Whoa!  How did Wednesday sneak up on me?  I thought I had today to write the Wednesday Workout post, but I just realized Wednesday is here.  There is something about work travel that always throws me off.  I’m in Irvine today and San Diego tomorrow.  Loving the warm, sunny weather, especially knowing it’s cold and raining home in Portland.  Sorry, Portland Friends!

The gym was packed this morning.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hotel gym that busy at 6am.  I not afraid to take up space and make it my own, however.  I can get a lot accomplished in a 3’x3′ corner.

Today’s Wednesday Workout requires more space than that though.  Walking lunges and broad jumps are WAY more effective when you can really travel.  This workout includes all of my favorites exercises.  Walking lunges are amazing for sculpting our legs and butt.  Pair those with the broad jumps to get your heart pumping.

Honestly, the most challenging part of his workout will be the 30-second wall sit.  Don’t cheat yourself.  Make sure you are low in your sit with your legs at a 90 degree angle.  It’s only 30 seconds!  Embrace the shakes knowing you are getting stronger.

12 minute Wednesday Workout.Nov8




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