12 minute Workout – Pushup Challenge

I love pushups!  They make me feel strong and fit.  It’s also one of those exercises that demonstrates progress and strength the more you do them.  I remember when I struggled to do a single pushup, and now I can complete a set of 15 no problem.  That’s because I incorporate pushups in many of my workouts.

Don’t panic!  I’m not asking you to do pushups for 12 minutes.  Instead, when you get to the pushups ditch the rep count and do As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP).  The goal is to do as many reps as you can in good form.

This workout will be different for everyone.  Maybe you’ll get 15 pushups each set – Awesome!  Maybe you’ll do 5 reps from your toes and 5 modified from your knees – Great!  Maybe this week you do 15 modified pushups from your knees, but next week you are able to do two standard pushups from your toes before dropping to your knees – Fantastic!

The important thing is not the number of pushup you can do, only that you try to do them and strive for progress week over week.

12 minute pushup challenge

Good luck!


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