Hey Y’all, I’m back!

Hey Y’all, it’s the Fit Frequent Flyer!  I’m back with a little Texas flare I picked up from Austin last weekend.

Life has been fast.  I thought of a dozen other adjectives to describe life as of late, but everything is happening and happening fast.  I swore I would never be the blogger who apologizes for taking a hiatus, because 1) who cares, and 2) it only draws attention to the said hiatus.  However, I’ve been absent from the blog, and to be honest, wasn’t sure I would write the FFF again for reasons I’ll either save for another post or keep for myself.

I grew up in a house filled with music.  My dad is a musician and talented luthier, a maker of or repairer of stringed instruments.  We always had music playing in our house growing up.  When my brother and I were young my dad tried to turn the family into his very own Spotten “Partridge” Family.  Sadly, my dad is the only one with any real musical talent.  The rest of us are tone deaf and can barely keep rhythm with a tambourine.

Eventually, after a handful of painful band practices, my dad gave up his dream of the traveling Spotten Band, and instead, he and my mom opened The Guitar Medic.  This was literally a mom and pop music store in St. Charles, IL.  They sold musical instruments in the front, and my dad had a his shop in the back.  He may not have turned his kids into musicians, but he helped, and continues to help, hundreds of musicians in their love of music.

My dad fixing a broken neck

His love for music and my inability to play an instrument, I tried them all, left me with the deepest appreciation of the art.  I love all kinds of music, and especially love it live.

Last weekend I spent 4 days with my friend, Hannah, in Austin for one of my favorite music events – Austin City Limits (ACL).  I don’t know if it’s the music or the city that I love most about this festival.  I first fell in love with Austin 5 years ago when my friend, Alex, and I were at SXSW for work.  One night we accidentally found ourselves at a outdoor Snoop Dogg concert.  I knew that night that I would love her and that city the rest of my life.  I guess Snoop has that affect on me.  🙂

Alex and I
Alex and I. Snoop Dogg photos are in a vault somewhere

Hannah and I bonded over live music and have no problem splurging on VIP concert experiences.  Like I said earlier, life has been FAST!  I don’t think I even realized just how fast until I was able to unwind for a few days with my best friend, warm weather, great music, and of course, wine.  ACL Frame HH2

I realized a couple things in Austin.  The first being that this blog is my way to slow down and reflect in a fast, fast world.  I hope the posts resinate with you the way a good song might, but I don’t need it to.  The second that life is short.  We should sing more, dance more and laugh more.

Music has a magical way of bringing people together.  I treasure the songs from my childhood, every love song I share with my husband, every night dancing next to my girl friends, and every kiss on the cheek I get from Hannah when she is her happiest self in front of a band she loves.

I have workouts from Austin coming soon, but I’m running out of time today.  Coincidentally, I have to get ready for a concert tonight with my girlfriends.  We are seeing Milky Chance – a fun, upbeat folk band from Germany.  Check them out!

Instead of a workout, I put together a 30 minute “Best of ACL” cardio playlist.  You can find it on my Spotify.  It’s a few of my favorite songs from bands who were at ACL this year, and it made my 3 mile run on the treadmill this morning more enjoyable.  I hope you like it.


Best of ACL 2017


One final note, the lives lost and those forever changed after the tragedy in Vegas was never far from my mind last weekend.  My thoughts and condolences go out those intimately impacted by the Vegas shooting.  I wish you love and healing.

“If music be the food of love, play on”

~William Shakespeare


Thanks for reading!



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