Wednesday 12 minute Workout – Strong Back

Wow!  After only a day of work we are already at Wednesday!  If every week was a 4-day week Wednesday wouldn’t feel like such a hump to get over.  But, we don’t slack on Wednesdays just because they come early, and this week are focusing on the building a strong back.

I think a strong, defined back is so sexy!  It takes time and commitment to build a defined back, but it’s so worth it.  A strong back will help your shoulders from rounding forward, which starts to happen after we sit at our desks day after day, hour after hour, in front of our computers.  

Let’s do a little demonstration together.  You’re probably sitting in a slouched, rounded position as you read this, right?  I am as I write this.  Sit up and roll back your shoulders. Are you already sitting up taller? Your back and core are elongated and your stomach flatter, yea? Now imagine this feeling in your favorite skinny jean.  Feeling fit and healthy isn’t synonyms with losing weight.  It’s about body alignment, health, and how good you feel.  

This workout does require a set dumbbells. I challenge women to use 10-15 lbs dumbbells and men 20-25 lbs.  If the Squat, Curl and Press is too challenging with the heavier dumbbells, use a set of lighter weights for this exercise, but challenge yourself to lift heavier for the renegade and bent over rows.  Your back is much stronger than your biceps and shoulders.  

NOTE: The lateral shuffle should be performed in squat position.  Stay low to engage your glutes.  This is intended to be as much a strength move as cardio drill.  If you have the room shuffle 4-5 shuffles to the right and 4-5 shuffles to the left.  If you are limited in space just perform 2-3 shuffles each directions.  

12 minute back workout

I hope you enjoy this week’s workout, and hey, if nothing else stand up a little bit taller this week.  Strength and confidence starts from within before you ever lift a single weight.  






    1. I recommend incorporating this into your scheduled back day. Do it as a warm up before your other lifting. If you don’t have a focus back day and are doing more circuit type workouts than I you could do this 2x a week.


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