Total Eclipse of a Heavy Heart

Life has been very overwhelming lately, so much so I’m left wondering if the Path of Totality is bringing with it more than the eclipse.

I’m not immune to the toll stress takes on our health or the unhealthy ways we cope with stress.  Most of the time I turn to the gym to relieve stress and center myself, but sometimes it’s not enough – even for me.   This week I’ve been turning to food for comfort.  A dessert here, extra carbs there, one too many glasses of wine here and there. I had planned to post about my recent stay at Tribute Hotel in Orange County, but the Path of Totality had different plans for my day.  I just didn’t have the time or the energy.

It’s important to practice self care, especially when overwhelmed.  For me, writing, working out, and cooking healthy meals are just a few ways I practice self care.  All things that become harder when stress is high and energy is low.

This morning as I walked into the gym I felt lost – my head a fog and my heart heavy.  I knew a hardcore sweat session was needed, but I didn’t have the capacity to think one up.  I turned to an oldie but goody and decided this is what I would post about today.

I hope you’re having an incredible weekend and not effected by the astrological pulls, but if your feeling challenged and need an escape, as I did this morning, I hope this workout does it for you.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy eclipse day!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Between a broken meta carpal in my right hand, prepping for my fall university classes and the constant news media on the eclipse, my stress levels are unusually high, plus I can’t do most of my workouts. I’m limted to treadmill and elliptical (no arms) for a few more weeks. I do enjoy the astronomical events and hope to get some photos of the partial eclipse from where I live in Northern California. Hope your eclipse day got better!

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  2. Heidi,
    Amen! Girl, this post is just wanted I needed to read. Honestly, this is what I have told people, even though the gym is for my stress, it doesn’t always do it for me, and not saying food does it either but sometimes I just walk in and feel like WTF .. what should I do, because I don’t feel like doing shit.. but I will do this list of exercises I wrote down and suck at them because wow.. I just feel like shit. For me, the gym is my de-stressor but also at the same time my stressor – if this makes any sense (if not, I will explain) . I totally believe in self -care the importance of it, because let me tell you, been there and done it multiple times where I am just down, real down and don’t what to do next with my life, my career, my friendships, etc. My damn mind sometimes. This was a great post, not because it said anything unique but because you included your feelings and shown a different part of you in the blog 🙂 love it Heidi, your post are amazing girl.


    P.S can I just make you my best friend, lol


    1. Girl, BFF’s til the end!! Thanks for the kind words. I think it’s our responsibility as blogger to show all sides of our journey. It’s easy for people to look at other and think, they have it so good, when in reality sometimes life is hard for all of us. No one is exempt! That’s also why I love your second blog too, though I don’t think I’ve seen a new post on that one….hmmmm? 🙂

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      1. YAY!
        I received your Instagram follow, btw 🙂

        This is very true, we all can write down words and pretend everything is alright to make one believe we have it going on, but a true writer writes down all angles and doesn’t have to pretend because when they write they are talking and through their words and emotions – actually not sure if true writers do this, made it up to sound all kinds of cool but it seemed to flow and make sense! lmfao

        P.S I write in the second blog at random, sometimes once or twice a week and sometimes I miss a week and I make it kind of correspond with my podcast when possible.


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