Wednesday 12 min Workout- Ready, Set, Legs!

Hi!  Live from Costa Mesa, CA!

Is anyone else in disbelief that we are halfway through August and fall is right around the corner?  I am!  As much as I enjoy fall fashion, I have a serious love affair with boots, there is a lot more summer to be had.  Warm days call for short shorts, and short shorts call for strong legs.  Living in Oregon I’m going to continue soaking up the warm sun for as long as possible and keep rockin’ my short shorts.  That’s why this week’s workout is all legs!

Last week I introduced the Suitcase Squat in the KB circuit workout (here).  Coincidently, I was doing suitcase squats again later last week in an Orange Theory Fitness class.  I love this squat variation because it recruits different muscles in different ways than the regular squat.  I especially feel my core activating as I try to stabilize in proper squat position with uneven weight distribution.  Who doesn’t like a little extra core work?

So, I’m incorporating the suitcase squat again into this week’s 12 minute workout.  Last week I had you set down the Kettle Bell between squats and pick it back up again.  This week, I want you to hold on to the dumbbell for all 10 reps before switching sides.  Here is a good video demo: Suitcase Squat.

This week’s 12 minute workout is all strength focused.  It will raise your heart rate a little bit due to the high volume of reps, and I would like you to move from one exercise to the next with little to no rest, if able, but please make sure you warm up for 5-10 minutes to prevent injury and get your heart pumping.  It’s never a good idea to go straight into weight lifting cold.

Ready Set Legs


Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoy this week’s workout and the sunny summer days still ahead.


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