Wednesday 12 minuteWorkout – Plyometrics

Ok, don’t hate me.  Actually, please hate me.

When I was a personal trainer I had one rule: if the client doesn’t hate me, and isn’t saying, “This F-ing sucks!” at some point during our session than I’m not doing my job. When I hire a personal trainer or take a class I expect to hate my coach at some point during the workout.  If not, what am I paying them for?  You will always work harder for someone else.  Period.

I’m not going to sugar coat this week’s 12-minute workout.  It will kick your butt, and you will likely say, F-her I’m done.  But, push through for two reasons: 1) You will only see results if and when you push yourself past your comfort zone, and 2) It’s only 12 minutes.  You can sustain anything for 12 minutes.  And, if you truly can not, give yourself more time to rest.  Make it a 20 minute workout.  You will still see the same results.

Plyometrics (plyos) are typically done with only your bodyweight, but that does not take away from their many benefits.  Plyometrics are proven to:

  1. Build Muscle – Plyos engage the entire body to recruit the strength needed to perform the explosive, repetitive movements.  You will engage your arms, legs, and core during each movement of each rep.
  2. Burn Calories – Plyo exercises are typically anaerobic exercises designed to spike your heart rate for short periods of time.  This week’s workout marries Plyometrics with Tabata, another way to use interval training to maximize your calorie burn. Check out my Build Your Own Tabata for more Tabata workout ideas!
  3. Endurance – Again, you will recruit every muscle, including your heart, during Plyo/tabata workouts.  The exercises in this week’s workouts are not hard.  What is, however, will be your anaerobic/cardiovascular endurance.  Incorporating plyometrics into your weekly routine will absolutely help in building your endurance.
  4. No Equipment Needed – You know I love to have a tool kit of easy, effective, versatile workouts that I can apply anywhere, anytime, especially while I’m traveling. Plyo’s are my #1!  I can do any variation of workouts right from my hotel room, throw in a few sets of plyometrics, and I feel accomplished, strong, and exhausted.  All feelings I strive for when I commence  a workout.

Ok, so by now I’ve given you enough reason to trust me, suck it up, and give yourself permission to endure 12 minutes of a strenuous, but OH! so-good-for-you Wednesday Workout.

12 minute plyo

As always, I love to hear from you!  Send me your questions, concerns, and results!  I do this to share my passion with you!

Happy Hump Day!





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