Wednesday 12 Minute Workout – Core!

Why 12 minutes?  Because 12 minutes is better than nothing!  That’s one reason. The number one reason given for why people don’t workout is time. I started including 12-minute Wednesday Workouts to give you something quick, yet, effective to squeeze into your busy day.

However, there is a deliberate reason why the workouts are 12 minutes, as opposed to say 5 or 10. Studies have shown that 12 minutes is the minimal amount of time required to affect change.  I want to get you moving for any amount of time, and the higher intensity the better, but I also want you to see results.  Finally, 12 minutes is short enough to be manageable, but long enough to be motivating.   On my sluggish days, I find that after 12 minutes of HIIT my heart is pumping, I’m energized and ready to do more.

This week’s 12 minute circuit is focused on core, and without a single crunch!!  Stability exercises are a fantastic way to engage and work your core, which is why I included a couple standing stability exercises.

I am a huge fan of High Knees and incorporate them into my workouts several times a week.  They are a dynamic and anaerobic way to engage and work your lower abs – a trouble area for us ladies!

12 min core workout

If you aren’t familiar with an exercise a quick Google search will get you a demo.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!  Thanks for stopping by!





  1. I agree. However much time you can exercise is better than none. I do guerrilla exercising myself. I’ll do it whenever and wherever I can sneak it in during any part of the day. Generally, though, I do make sure at least three times a day I have some kind of routine, but like you, it is between 10 and 30 minutes, depending what other stuff I have to deal with. Thanks for stopping by to visit and liking Summer Reunion.

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      1. To clarify, my definition of guerrilla exercising is exercising whenever and wherever, as in guerrilla tactics vs. what guerrilla soldiers might do in boot camp. But, thanks!


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