Wednesday 12 min. Workout – Speed Drills

Happy Hump Day Friends!  Is everyone well rested from the short week last week and oozing with productivity?  I didn’t think so… 🙂

Let’s pick up the velocity this week with a fast but challenging cardio workout.  This workout will increase energy and make you feel strong and accomplished. I know, big promises in only 12:30 minutes.

This Wednesday’s workout is focused on speed, but this is not just any cardio workout. Interval training, and especially sprints, provides a list of health benefits.  To name a few:

  1. Boost Metabolism: Sprints burn a great deal of calories in a short amount of time due to the intense bursts of energy required to accomplish each sprint.  This type of strain on the body will burn a lot of calories during the workout but afterwards as well, which is not the case with steady state cardio.
  2. Build muscle: Sprints require the recruitment of dozens of muscles at the same time with intense effort.  Think about a Olympic Sprinter, they are lean, but also, incredibly muscular.  Sprint training is ideal for building cardiovascular and skeletal muscles.  
  3. Run Faster: If you are distance runner, incorporating sprints into your training is a great way increase your speed by training your brain and your body gradually at running at increased speeds.  

NOTE: This workout was created on the treadmill but will work, and be just as effective, on a stationary bike or elliptical. 

If you are new to interval training and/or sprints start with this workout.  I recommend starting with a 2-5 minute warm-up: walking, jogging, dynamic stretching, etc, and a few minutes to cool down.  Stretching after any treadmill or interval routine is always recommended.  

Suggested speeds:

Walk  3.0-4.5 mph

Run     5.0 – 7.0 mph

12 min speed drills

If you are more advanced and want to work on sprint training, use this workout.  Again, start with a basic warmup and be sure to cool down and stretch after.  

Suggested speeds:

Run     5.0 – 7.0 mph

Sprint 7.0 mph or faster

speed drills adv

Happy Healthy Day!

Thanks for reading.


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