Pre fireworks 12 minute Workout

Hi, from Shasta Lake!   I hope you are having a fun, healthy, and happy Fourth of July weekend.  I’ve been busy soaking up the sun and drinking my Underwood can wine.   Keepin’ it classy!  

I’ll be keeping active today paddle boarding, water skiing and maybe even a little 12 minute bodyweight workout of my own.  If I were home I’d be in the gym.  I love this 12 minute workout as a warm-up before weight training, but it is also awesome on its own.   

It’s technically 13.5 minutes but that includes 3-30 second rest periods.  This workout is very anarobic, so if you need more than 30 seconds to catch your breathe, please do so.  

Happy Independce Day!   I feel blessed to live in this country.  And very blessed for each of you.  

Thanks for reading. 


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