Quick and Effective 12-Minute Workout

Hey Gang! Happy Hump Day!!

When I’m not traveling I like to do a traditional split weightlifting program, i.e. Chest/Tri’s, Back/Bi’s, etc.  When I travel, however, I’m at the mercy of what’s available to me.  For instance, last week in Arizona my workouts were more cardio focused.  I took group classes and went for a run because there aren’t any 24-hour Fitness gyms in Phoenix.  When I got home I felt like I had neglected my muscles. Strength training is so important to body transformation and overall fitness.

Back at home and back in the gym I wanted to focus on large muscle groups, and I love working chest and back together.  I performed this 12-minute routine as warm up before lifting, but it can also stand alone as a quick chest/back routine.

12 minute workout (1)

If you’re new to working out or circuit training, I suggest giving yourself a few rest periods between sets.  If you’re more advanced strive for completing the circuit 6 times in 12 minutes!

Thanks for reading!



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