Treadmill Hill Workout

It’s Wednesday.  Is everyone feeling the drag of the week like I am?  Are the intentions to workout that you set on Monday starting to waver?  Does work have you stressed and fatigued?  I’m feeling it! I’ve been in Arizona since Monday, and although I treasure the time I have with my mom, I miss my family and my dogs.  So, what are we going to do to get through Hump Day?

It’s time to dig deep, push on, and do something good for yourself!  I’m confident this 20 minute treadmill routine will get you energized, strong and recommitted to your fitness goals.


When I’m short on time, or desire, I go for a multi-faceted workout that will provide some cardio, some strength, and a decent calorie burn.  That’s what makes hills so great.   Incorporating hills into your runs will build muscular endurance and strength.  Uphill running works the entire body including the lungs, heart, skeletal system, and of course your legs and core.

This workout is 20 minutes from start to finish with a 2 minute warm-up and 2 minute cool-down. That leaves only 16 minutes of intense WORK!  You got this.

Hills Treadmill workout.png


If you like the workouts, let me know!  If you want something different or have a question, please ask.  Have a great Wednesday.  We are only 3 work days away from the weekend!

Thanks for reading!



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