Spring in Arizona, ‘Tis the Season

Where are you from?  Isn’t that the question we are asked most after “what is your name?”.  I feel like I have a lot of answers to what should be a simple and definitive answer.  I live in Portland, OR where I’ve been for over 9 years!  This still shocks me considering I was turning around and moving back to Arizona every day for the first 2 years here.   Yet, I stayed, and yet, I still call Arizona home.   Maybe I still call it home because home will always be where my mom’s at, or maybe because I really do feel like that’s where I’m From.  Once you get to know me, however, you learn that I was born in St. Charles, IL and am a mid-west girl with a strong fondness for Chicago, fireflies and meat and potatoes, well, I was before I was vegetarian.

I was back in Phoenix this week for partner meetings and a customer event.  Let me tell you, if there is ever a necessary time to escape Portland for some sun, IT’S MARCH!  The rain is miserable this time of year.

I got in Wednesday morning, picked up my rental car and went straight to a lunch meeting.  It was sunny and warm, but not warm enough to ditch my (faux) leather jacket.  Supposedly, I had just missed the unseasonably early heatwave and Phoenix was cooling down for a couple days, which even after 9 years in Portland, meant I was cold.

That afternoon we met for happy hour at The Perch Brewery in Chandler, AZ.  This place is a hoot!  I gave no attention to the name at first.  Even as I was walking up what appeared a residential alleyway I was puzzled by all the birds chirping.  It wasn’t until I walked through the rustic, vine covered entryway that I noticed parrots welcoming me at the hostess stand.  In fact, there were several large bird cages and exotic birds throughout the patio.   Ah, The Perch!  I found the warning signs humorous and alarming.

The Pearch Brewery, Chandler, AZ

Later that evening Mom and I sat on her dock to catch up with a glass of wine and cloudy Arizona sunset.


Thursday morning  started with a killer workout at OTF (Orange Theory Fitness), including a brutal 50 burpees!!! Burpees are one of those things that never, ever, ever get easier.  No matter how often I do them, they still suck!  With my workout, and thankfully the burpees, behind me I was ready for the work day.  This particular work day would consist of sun and baseball.  Can’t beat that, right?

One of my earliest childhood memories is going to Wrigley Field with my parents to watch the Cubs play.  Then many years later watching them play at spring training in Arizona, which is home to The Cubs training facility.  I was so excited when we decided to host a customer event at the Diamondback’s training field against the Cubs!  My two home teams, which means I win either way!   The weather was cooler than I had hoped, but I was grateful to spend my work day sitting on the lawn with a margarita talking technology and baseball.

Salt River Fields, Scottsdale, AZ

I was feeling a bit of nostalgia for Phoenix after the game and decided to pick up dinner from my favorite restaurant, Pita Jungle.  I used to eat there weekly because it was just down the street from my house and serves healthy Mediterranean dishes.  I ordered a couple of salads and an order of their insanely good hummus to-go.  Back at my mom’s house I turned it in to a beautiful spread to give us feeling of dining out.

Pita Jungle Salads and Hummus

Friday morning I decided to try CycleBar, which is a cycling studio, not an actual bar (Mom!).  Cycle classes aren’t my favorite workout, but they are effective.  I like to take a drop-in class occasionally, and this one did not disappoint!  The instructor, Rebecca, was fun and motivational.  I loved the 3 minute arm workout performed right on the bike using a weighted workout bar.  I will be purchasing a set of these to keep around for home workouts!  They are perfect for the days you can’t get to the gym and super convenient to store!  I also just ordered these , which will be ideal for hotel workouts.

Current Obsession


I always have a business idea or product invention brewing, so this Podcast spoke the the entrepreneur in me.  I listened to 4 episodes in 2 days and loved them all equally.  I recommend:  Spanx: Sara Blakely, Drybar: Alli Webb, Kate Spade: Kate & Andy Spade, and Kendra Scott: Kendra Scott.

This week’s workout requires no equipment and very little space.  If you do it two times through it will take you just over 20 minutes and burn 200 calories, or more!  I dedicate this workout to my 2 besties who are moms of babies.  I’m in awe of both of you. I hope you can find 20 minutes for a sweat session this week.  xoxo

At home leg circuit ladder
At Home Leg Workout

Thanks for reading!  If you enjoy the workout please share!



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