Your Next Treadmill Workout, with Playlist!

Happy Sunday!   I hope you all did something wonderful with your day.  I unfortunately was writing this post from the plane on my way to our annual Sales Kickoff in San Jose.  I’m not happy about losing a Sunday to work, but it’s a rare obligation and I’m an adult. Hah, that’s been my mantra all day.  It did provide me with the uninterrupted time to share with you the Treadmill Sampler.  This 35 minute treadmill workout can be customized for any fitness level and guaranteed to make you sweat.  As an added bonus, I’ve created a Spotify playlist to accompany your workout from start to finish.

Variety is the spice of life, but there’s something to be said for finding something you enjoy and just doing that, especially when it comes to working out.  For example, I don’t like distance running, which means I’m not motivated to run for any lengthy period of time, but I love weight training and look forward to the gym every day.  That’s why I create the sample platter of treadmill workouts.  In 35 minutes you will do a little bit of running, walking, intervals, inclines and sprints.  It’s a way to sample treadmill workouts, while getting an effective workout in the process.  Then, take the sets that you like and build on those, i.e. if you love the incline sets, well you’re nuts, but you can easily turn inclines into a 20 minute workout for next time.

Shameless Sweat Photo

I’ve done this workout 5 times in the last week trying to perfect the music and sets, and each time I feel beat, yet accomplished.  That’s my goal every time I walk into the gym by the way.  I want to leave exhausted but feeling amazing!  I employed my husband as a test subject while we were in LA last weekend and was quite proud of myself looking at his drenched t-shirt and flushed cheeks.  He’s a trooper.  He even agreed to climb 23 flights of stairs after!


A few tips before you start:

  1. The speeds and inclines are only suggestions. This is your workout so adjust the speed an % of incline to fit your mood or fitness level.
  2. The type of workout changes with each song, so I recommend printing out the workout to prop it up on the treadmill for quick reference. It will help you with each transition.  You can also take a screen shot and reference your phone if that works for you.
  3. If you don’t like the playlist or don’t have access to Spotify, any playlist will do. Whatever gets you pumped to exercise will do.

Finally, I tried to find songs that aren’t overplayed on the radio but also songs that I enjoy and that motivate me.  My choice to put My Body by Young the Giant as the second to last song was a very intentional and personal one.  The song came out shortly after I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and my brother with MS.  This was devastating news to both of us, especially since we are truly happy when we are being active.  I was in so much pain at the point of my diagnosis that I thought I would never be able to hike, dance, snowboard, or push myself in the gym again.  On the contrary, my Rheumatologist told me that staying active and eating healthy will help my joints stay strong.  Same goes for my brother.  Our bodies are resilient, and this song reminds me that I can do anything I put my mind to, even if my body (or mind) is telling me I can’t.   RA will not define me.  I tell it NO!  Now, when I’m in the middle of an intense workout, and I don’t think I can do another rep, or sprint, or I’m tired and I want to stop I think about the lyrics to this song and push through.

My body tells me no!

But I won’t quit

‘Cuz I want more, ‘cuz I want more.

I’m thankful that for almost 6 years now a combination of a healthy lifestyle and a biologic treatment has my RA is in remission.  I’m able to do what I love to do pain free, most of the time.  You don’t have to suffer from an autoimmune disease to feel bad or want to quit sometimes, and I promise that by the time My Body starts on the playlist you will be ready to quit, but don’t.  You got this.  I know you want more!  You deserve more.

Here’s the treadmill workout.  You can find me on Spotify at Heidi Altree, and the Playlist is called FFF-Treadmill Sampler.  Here is the link: FFF-Treadmill Sampler


Please comment and let me know what you think of the music, the workout, the content, or send me questions!  I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for Reading!




  1. I started working out two months ago. And I love the treadmill part because I just have to keep walking and being the lazy person I am, it makes me satisfied 😂 lol.
    I’ll definitely try these out and let you know how I feel about it. Thanks for sharing Heidi.
    Love you ♡

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for giving me this link, Heidi! Work That Body and Fast Car are great choices 🙂 Thinking about it, I realize that we’d need a different playlist for different activities.. so I think I was oversimplifying it when I said about making a playlist post. But, that said, I’ll continue to stop by and get my fitness motivation from you 🙂 You are rocking the exercise world!


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