La La Land Weekend

This has been a brutal winter in Oregon, and I’m over it!  The good news is that I see the teasing of spring in my yard with new buds on the trees and  tulips starting to push through the dirt.  But, the winter is stubborn and cold, and the forecast was still threatening  snow up until yesterday.  This is why I decided to treat my husband and I to weekend in Los Angeles.  I had to be there for work on Monday and Tuesday, so I jumped on opportunity to trade in a rainy weekend in Portland for, well, a rainy weekend in LA.

California has also had a brutal winter, if you can call it a winter.  What we got in snow and ice, California has gotten in wind and rain.  The storms were so bad the day before we left that LAX canceled most of their flights in and out of LA on Friday.  This caused a literal traffic jam on the tarmac Saturday morning when we landed.  Between the rain and the hour getting to our gate I was feeling a little defeated.

Hennessey’s Tavern Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is a short 15 minute drive from LAX.  The close proximity to the airport made Hennessey’s Tavern the perfect first stop for brunch.  If I look really happy in that picture, it’s not from the three mimosas but the warm sun on my back.  I think LA took pity on the two pasty white Oregonians desperate for a little Vitamin D and gave us a little sunshine.   When you live in Oregon you learn to take advantage of a thing we call, “sun breaks”.  Growing up in Arizona I had never heard the term  sun breaks before, and I’m assuming Californians aren’t familiar with the term either, but when you live in a state that is grey 7 or more months out of the year you learn to get outside and take advantage of the sun when it breaks through the clouds.  That’s exactly what Cameron and I did.  We walked down to the pier, watched the surfers and took in all the oceans smells and sounds.  It wasn’t until we called an Uber to take us to the hotel that sun tucked itself behind the clouds again and it started to rain.

Prior to our trip I had asked a partner rep for dinner ideas.  He’s a foody and a wino so I knew he’d give us a solid recommendation, but OMIGOSH!  Tucked away atop the Hollywood Hills is a beautiful Japanese inspired castle that overlooks the city.  If you enjoy Sushi and/or Asian Fusion, Yamashiro is a MUST!   We dined in a tranquil and romantic Japanese garden and were blown away by the sushi.   I would put it in my all time top 3!

Yamashiro Hollywood

We thought we were lucky to get the hour of sun on Saturday, but Sunday was warm and sunny all day.  We spent the day walking around Santa Monica and Venice Beach, which probably was close to 6 miles.  All the walking combined  with our morning workout only means one thing in my book, we earned cheese and wine!

For me, Venice Beach is a little too eccentric, and once you’ve seen a block of Venice Beach you’ve seen it all.  I was getting hungry and increasingly more frustrated by all the fried food and beer along Venice Beach.  A quick Yelp search brought us to Venice Beach Wines, a cute, intimate wine bar on Rose Ave. where we enjoyed a flight of wine and a delicious cheese board.  It was exactly what we needed after an active day.

Overall we had an amazing weekend.  We got a little rain, but we also got the sun when it counted.  More so, we got a change of scenery and a weekend to connect without the stresses of home.  If you’re wondering where the workout it, it’s coming.  Stay tuned for a special treadmill workout with an added bonus.

Thanks for Reading!


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