Working your P.E.C.C.S

My blog may have been light on posts in January, but that’s not because my travel was.  January was a challenging, challenging month both personally and professionally, and I also needed time to think about where I wanted to take the blog this year.  Funny enough, I found answers between an Uber ride from a fellow blogger and lunch with a fellow fitness gal.

Traveling affords me the luxury of of solo time to think and reflect.  Lately, I’ve spent a lot of that time thinking about my blog.  Am I staying true to my message, is it written in my voice, is it interesting?  It was on a recent day trip to the Bay that I found myself in an Uber with a women who is driving Uber until she leaves for Asia in a few months, I hope I’m recalling that correctly, Robin!  Robin is also a blogger and aspiring writer.  During our 45 minutes together we shared our writing woes, worries and wants.  I wish Robin the best in her upcoming adventure, and her book.  You can check out Robin here:

Then last week, on a rare and welcomed week at home, I had lunch with a woman who works in the fitness industry.  She had reached out to me because her job has her traveling more and more, and despite having almost constant access to exercise, she wanted pointers on how to stay fit when traveling.  Hey, I can TOTALLY help, right?  I mean I write a blog dedicated to this very topic.

But, I left lunch wondering if I had been helpful.  My advice sounded generic and unoriginal, which got me thinking, how I would simplify the success of fitness on the road?

That is how I came up with PECCS: Preparation, Exercise, Clean Eating, Consistency, Study!  Being healthy, whatever that means to you, is a lifestyle.  It’s learned, imperfect and fluid, but if you “work your PECCS” you will find success.  Here’s what it mean:

P:  Preparation

Preparation is key whether you travel, work long days at the office or a stay at home parent.  The better prepared you are the less likely you will grab an unhealthy snack or skip a workout.  For me, this means prepping travel friendly food on the weekend before a week of travel.  I’ll make healthy muffins, portion out almonds or make a meal that I can portion out and take with me.

I also prepare for my trip by researching hotels to find one that has a decent fitness center or in close proximity to a gym.  I very rarely find myself without at least one option to get in a good workout, but when all else fails I am prepared with the Nike Training App or Tabata Counter.

E:   Exercise

People make time for the things that are important to them.  For me, that’s exercise.  It’s my time to either get ready for the day or complete it.  It’s the one time in the day that is 100% mine, and I feel strong, healthy and confident.  You might not have the same relationship with exercise, yet, but if your goal is be fit, or healthy, or lose weight or just live a long life then you need to make time for exercise.  Twenty minutes will do. Don’t overthink it.

C:   Clean Eating

You might have heard fitness pros say, “Abs are made in the kitchen,” and it’s true…mostly.  Truth is that health starts in the kitchen.  You cannot, will not reach optimal health eating processed food.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: take every diet and weight loss gimmick you’ve ever heard, throw it out the window, and just eat real food.  And, if you question if something is real, pass it up.

I’ll throw a caveat in here to say that some of those fad diets, i.e. Whole-30, Paleo, etc, are all based on the idea of clean eating.  So if one really speaks to you and you like the recipes and how it makes you feel, then go for it, but if it’s not a diet that can also be a lifestyle, it will not work.

C:   Consistency

This is the most important.  One day of clean eating and exercising does not make one fit, just as one day vegging out on the couch with pizza and ice cream will not wreck your figure.  What you do consistently is what you will get back in results.  Do that 80% of the time and give yourself permission slip, cheat, live and indulge the other 20%.

S:   Study

For the most part eating clean and being active comes easy to me, but even so, I am constantly reading articles, looking at social media, looking for recipes, and to put it simply studying.   Some of my favorite resources are for exercises, Pinterest for recipes and Instagram for inspiration.

I hope these tips help you live a healthy life at home or on the road.  And now, working your PECCS has a whole new meaning.  Cheers!

February Favorites


1. Favorite Pin: From Eat-Spin-Run-Repeat Blog

This has become a weeknight go-to in our house.  It is fast, easy, healthy and soooo delicious.  Truth be told we add a generous amount of Parmesan cheese to top it off, but truth be told we add cheese to almost everything.

2. Favorite Workout Playlist: Dance Workout

I found this playlist just this morning when I needed something new to get me going on a sluggish Sunday morning.  I love the blend of new hits and old favorites.  Note to the men: it’s definitely got a girl power vibe.

3. Favorite Product: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

OMG, I love this product!  I have probably spent thousands of dollars on facial cleansers and makeup removers over this years, but this All-In-One Cleanser & Make-up Remover has my heart.  It does a superior job compared to all the expensive products and for only $14!  It feels silky on my skin and the makeup just comes off.  They also have a travel size for $4.  Score!

P.S. Mom, this one is coming your way!   MUAH

4. Favorite Book: House of Leaves, by Mark Z. Danielewski

“House of Leaves” is both a well written novel and piece of art.  This book makes you work for the story, but it’s an enjoyable, addictive type of work.  The only downside is it’s a thick and heavy book that you have to twist and turn and hold to read.  When it comes to travel, I leave this book at home and opt for my Kindle.

1 Comment

  1. I’d be that UBER ride and thank you so, so, SO much for the shout out. You bet I’m about to share yours as well!

    We definitely need those around to inspire us to find our focus and keep going. You’ve helped me with mine as well. With getting my butt back behind the keyboard against all distraction and with my very real relating challenges regarding keeping on fitness and nutrition while traveling.

    Love PECCS and am holding myself accountable here!
    PREPARATION: Used Amazon Fresh to order a bunch of great stuff to juice as snacks while out driving for rideshare. Also to keep healthy options around for my family. Like most people, I can completely attest to poor food and portion choices if non prepping before. Also a lot of extra money spent.
    EXERCISE: “Don’t overthink it” is huge to me right now. I am used to being a lot stronger and more fit. It’s upsetting to me to have to focus on my current state and where I “should” be. Falling into all the traps, huh? Trying to get myself to do mile walks, twenty minute yoga practices online and a couple sets of strength training where my body says is good. Finally making it a priority to respond to this post is inspiring me to get right to it as soon as I’m done here!
    CLEAN EATING: Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I try to eat as clean as possible when not socializing. I actually like it. Especially the way it makes me feel. The encouragement and reassurance is much needed and appreciated. Time to go eat some raw almonds while juicing all those veggies, fruits, Greek yogurt, coconut water and flax seed.
    CONSISTENCY: Biggest challenge with my lifestyle constantly changing to a somewhat extreme. Need help getting in front of this one. As a side note, I love the note about giving yourself permission to “cheat” sometimes. When I used to train, that’s what made it realistic and kept it fun.
    STUDY: I love researching, so I agree that this part is fun and inspirational. Thanks for the tips about Nike Training App, Tabata Counter and Time to dust off my old Pinterest recipes and add some fitness & nutrition follows to my travel inspiration on Instagram.

    Love the openness, honesty and realness. Informative and fun picts as well as great brainstorming through your February favorites. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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