3 workouts Guaranteed to Burn 200 Calories!

In 2016 68% of Americans resolved to either get fit/healthy or lose weight(1), which is down from 69% in 2015(2).  Point being, year after year the majority of Americans make a New Year’s Resolutions to get in shape, but sadly only 8% of people succeed in their resolutions. 

We don’t fail because of a lack of discipline or willpower.  We fail because old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to develop.  Starting a fitness regimen can be overwhelming.  There is an overabundant amount of information, and so much of it is pure garbage. Being healthy is simple, not easy, but simple.  If you want to be healthier in 2017 follow these two rules:

Rule #1:  Eat Real Food

Rule #2:  Be Active

That’s it!  That is the simple truth you will never hear from the fitness industry because it can’t be monetized into a pill, powder or advertising.  I’ll save my fitness industry rant for another day, but if your goal is to get in shape this year please DO NOT buy into any of the gimmicks.  Leave the fat burners, meal replacements and supplements on the self.

Rule #1 takes a little work.  It means cooking at home and eating real food like poultry, fish, vegetables, and grains.  It means avoiding processed foods and leaving packaged food, low-fat, non-fat, low-carb foods on the self as well.  Processed food is full of chemicals and additives that our bodies don’t know how to metabolize.

Rule #2 is a little easier.  You just got to move and move more often.  To help you with Rule #2 I’ve created three different workouts guaranteed to burn AT LEAST 200 calories in less than 25 minutes.






NOTE: Results will vary depending on gender, weight, BMI and fitness level




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