Gift ideas for the Fit Frequent Flyer in your life

Christmas is quickly approaching – 10 days to be exact.  Not to fret, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite travel and fitness products to help you cross of the fit frequent flyer on your list this year.

Gift Ideas


1. Merino Travel Kit – $169

I used to not be able to sleep on planes, and I was always cold mid-flight.  The Merino Travel Kit by Parachute was a life saver.  It has changed my flight experience completely.


Merino Travel Kit

2. Kindle Paperwhite – $99.99

It’s a heck of a lot easier than lugging around a couple of books and magazine.  I love my Kindle!


Kindle Paperwhite

3. Senso Bluetooth Headphones – $37.97

I have the hardest time with headphones – earbuds don’t stay in my ears and they don’t make many Bluetooth headphones with the over ear clasp.  I had a pair of Beats but the volume button broke after only a few months.  These Bluetooth headphones offer a quality sound at a VERY affordable price.


Senso Bluetooth Headphones

4.  Magnetic Phone Car Mount – $18.00

A coworker turned me on to this product, and it’s made driving and navigation from my phone so much easier.


Infinapps Magnetic Car Mount

Stocking Stuffers



Stockings are my most favorite part of Christmas morning, but instead of filling your lady’s stocking with pound packing candy, try these travel and fitness goodies.

1.  Jump Rope – $7.00

A fit frequent traveler’s MUST!


SPRI Jump Rope


2. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer – $11.00

I’m a big fan of Aveeno products.  Th positively radiant daily moisturizer is light weight, spf 30, and it comes in a 4oz bottle so you don’t have to worry about your liquids going through security lines.


Aveeno Daily Moisturizer

3.  Aveeno makeup removing wipes – $6.00

Travel days are long and exhausting, these makeup removing wipes make bedtime fast and easy.  No excuses for going to sleep with makeup on.


Aveeno Makeup Removing Wipes

 4.  Jewelry Roll Bag – $13.00

I never travel without this.  It’s compact and keep my jewelry in one, untangled place.


Conair Jewelry Roll Bag

 5. Ring Wrapper – $6.95 ea

I don’t trust myself to take my wedding rings on and off, especially traveling.  I wear my ring wrapper whenever I’m in the gym.  It keeps the ring protected from scratches and damages from gym equipment.


Ring Wrapper


*I am not an authorized reseller or sponsored by any of these products.  Prices may vary.

1 Comment

  1. Love a lot of these ideas. Especially the ear buds that will stay in place while jumping around as a sweaty hot mess and when moving around in the chaos of traveling.
    Great ideas for self-rewards when hitting fitness & nutrition goals whole traveling.


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