Ate too much on Thanksgiving? Do these 2 workouts this week!

The average person eats 4500 calories on Thanksgiving Day!  That means we each gained at least a pound and a half in one single day – YIKES!  Before you panic understand that weight loss/gain doesn’t work exactly like that.  If you eat healthy and are active most of the time a good high-calorie cheat meal will do a body good.

You have to factor in activity too.  Let’s take my mom for example.  That woman was in the kitchen from 6am to 4pm preparing our Thanksgiving Feast.   We are not an easy bunch to cook for, by the way.  We had 1 Celiac, 2 vegetarians, and a carnivore that doesn’t like Turkey.  I don’t think my mom stopped moving for more than a minute or two and probably burned 800 calories before dinner, and likely another 100 calories on clean-up.  It makes the 40 minutes I spent making stuffed acorn squash seem lethargic.

4500 calories is an alarming amount of calories for one day, but it won’t wreck havoc on your body overnight.  I’m guessing none of us were forced out into Black Friday to find a new pair of jeans that fit.   Still, if you’re anything like me you’ll be upping the intensity this week to burn off the most gluttonous meal of the year.  I have two workouts that will do just that.

The first workout was inspired by a class I like to take at Core Power Yoga when I’m in Arizona called Yoga Sculpt, which is a combination of heated yoga and strength conditioning.  If you have a Core Power near you, I highly recommend the class, but if you want a challenging at home body weight workout, this one’s for you.

The second is exactly what I did Friday morning before heading back to Portland.  My husband and I were able to take advantage of the sunny Arizona weather and go for a 30 minute run outside while our daughter biked along side us, but you can make your 30 minutes of cardio anything you like – just keep moving!

Do this Body Weight Sculpt Circuit Monday, Thursday and Saturday.


Do this workout on Tuesday and Friday.


Remember it’s not about one day.  One day of eating healthy or one day of eating poorly is not what makes a healthy body.  It’s about finding balance, enjoying life’s moments and the people in them.  It’s about making healthy choices more often than poor choices, and it’s about being kind to yourself either way.  These workouts should be a celebration of an able body, not penance for eating too much.

Stay Fit,


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