A Traveler’s Epiphany

I realize as the plane is approaching Honolulu Airport that I’m likely the only person aboard not excited to be landing in Hawaii.  It’s Monday, and I only just got home from the Bay Area late Saturday with enough time to unpack, hug my family and pack again.  At this point I have been traveling for 6 days straight and fighting a sinus infection.  I know I should be excited to spend the next couple of days in paradise, but I’m bloated, tired and sick.  I’ll mope in paradise if I want to. 


I started to perk up in the cab as the scenery turned tropical.   The sun was shining, my energy increased, and I laughed at the scene of a man in a pant suit walking alongside a beach bound family with a giant inflatable swan float in tow. Honolulu is an interesting contraction of metropolis and island culture.

I didn’t know yet when my colleagues would arrive in Honolulu, but I knew I had few hours to explore on my own before I’d have to put on my work hat.  I decided the best way to shake off 10 hours of travel and see a bit of the Island was to to lace up my running shoes and go for a run.


sandLater, as I walked along the beach of Waikiki I had an epiphany.  Here I was spending the first half of the work week in Hawaii and a Monday afternoon with my toes in the sand.  The vacationers among me were families, honeymooners and travelers; many or all of them who had paid to be here.  Some of them may have saved, planned and dipped into the rainy day fund to afford this shared afternoon in paradise.  My trip, on the other hand,  was entirely paid for by my company.  Sure, I was here for work and not play, and sure I wished that Cameron was next to me, but there are other people who never have and maybe never will get the opportunity to see Hawaii.  I walked along the sand where the surf washed over my feet.  I imagined watching Gianna be a goof in the water while Cam and I laughed hand in hand.  I missed them, but I also felt blessed.  I had a few hours in paradise all to myself.  It was a gift.  I decided then that I would not only enjoy myself, I would be grateful for it.

Tuesday morning I was wide awake at 4:30 am due to the time difference so it was easy getting up for my workout.  I was impressed with the Waikiki Beach Marriot gym.  It is spacious, convenient and has plenty of cardio and weight lifting equipment.  I like to get a picture of each hotel gym, but this one was SOO good that it was always packed with people.  I had to sneak back in after checking out to get this picture, and it’s still at an awkward angel.  I was trying not to get people in the shot or look like a creeper.

Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort

Here’s my Heavy Chest Workout. This should work in any hotel gym.  All you need is bench and dumbbells.  Feel free to print out the workout and record your weight for each set.  Do this workout again the following week and aim to increase your weight.


Stay Fit,


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