The hardest part of getting started is: Getting Started.

I’ve been talking about writing this blog for some time.  I’ve been thinking about writing it for much longer, but I haven’t had the courage to start until now.  And, if you are reading this it means I also got the courage to publish it!  🙂

I’ve had tons of invalid, but seemingly real, reason why not to start the blog.  Vulnerability is a breading place for self-doubt and irrational fears, and I’ve set up permanent residence there.  I’ve convinced myself I’m not qualified because  I’m not a certified…anything.  I used to be a personal trainer, but that was 10 years ago now.  I’m not a health professional or in the fitness industry, so why would anyone be interested in what I have to say?  Do I have credibility without titles, celebrity or gimmick?  I decide, who cares.  I’m writing this blog to show the average person that health, fitness, career and even a crazy work travel schedule can co-exist, and what better perspective than from the average, professional woman getting it done without certifications, titles, gimmicks or fame.

Once I got over that hill of self-doubting what-if’s, I’m faced with another list of why I can’t write this blog, at least not yet.   I tell myself, I’m not lean ENOUGH, fit ENOUGH, perfect ENOUGH.  People compliment me on my physique all the time, and I know I have a strong body that I work very hard on in and out of the gym, but it doesn’t seem good enough when I’m putting myself out there for the public to see, judge and critique.  Will you all immediately see the flaws I see  in the mirror and discredit me?  That question is the most crippling.  But, if I don’t do this,  If I don’t try,  I will never know if it can be successful.  I might fail.  I might get laughed off the Internet and turned into a hideous and trending meme for the entire world to laugh at, but, I might also make a difference.  I might inspire someone or help someone on their path to a healthy lifestyle.  At the very least I might be a resource for exercising while traveling.  All of the negative “what-ifs” or “might’s” can just as easily be positive “what-if’s” and surprising “might’s”if I just give it a go.

The hardest part of getting started is, getting started.  I tell this to people all they time when asked how I make time to go the gym every day, how I stay motivated, or eat so healthy.   You just have to get started.  After that it’s all about consistency.  It’s funny, the gym comes so naturally to me that I’ve never had trouble getting started, but I find myself sympathizing with people trying to get started in the gym as I sit here and write this first blog post.  It’s scary and overwhelming, but at least I’m in the privacy of my own home and not in front of 50 other gym goers.   I get it!  Getting started is easier said than done.

I’ve been active my entire life.  I was a Varsity Cheerleader in high school and state champion.  When cheer ended and college started my focus became running and working out at home until I could afford a gym membership.  I fell in love with the gym right away.  I couldn’t get enough of the gym, be it group classes, Cycle, cardio or weights, which is why I decided to quit the career path I was on and become a personal trainer.  Ultimately, I didn’t like personal training as a career, but I never lost my passion for fitness and helping people achieve it.  I’ve created programs for different friends over the years and enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with others.  But mostly, staying active, working out and eating healthy I do for me, and I’ve been blessed with a flexible work schedule that made it easy to get to the gym everyday.  Then things changed.

A year and a half ago I started at Tegile Systems as a Channel Development Manager and was faced with an intense travel schedule for the first time in my career.   Up to this point I dreaded work travel!  For me, it meant a complete disruption in my routine,  my gym, my food, my healthy choices and alternatives.  It meant I would probably be eating dinner out accompanied by drinks, way too many drinks to be honest.  I always felt so out of control and anxious prior to a trip.  But, I knew the opportunity with Tegile was one that I could not pass up, and I vowed to make travel and a demanding job part of my healthy lifestyle instead of derail it.  I’m proud to say I’ve done a very good job maintaining my lifestyle, and I’m ready to share it with you all.

This first post is a way to introduce me and way of just getting started.  Future posts will detail my life on the road.  The workouts I do in hotel gyms, which can easily be replicated in your living room or gym, and how I incorporate activity into each trip.  I’ll include pictures of my meals and show how I balance work, fun and an healthy lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy my posts.  I hope I inspire you and help you to be creative and comfortable in the gym, any gym.  I hope I show you that life can be fun, busy, indulgent and healthy all at the same time.

I dedicate my first post to Joy King who gave me the courage to get started.  She’s my biggest fan and an inspirational woman as well. I love you, Joy.  Thanks for giving me the push I needed.










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